Famous for horses, Epsom’s pretty good for bikes too. The racecourse sits on top of the Downs with great views back towards London over the Epsom Downs golf course. There’s several ways up to the top, all similar in gradient but when strung together can amount to a decent workout if in the area without the time to head into the Surrey Hills ‘proper’.

The main ways up are listed below.

Burgh Heath Road


Head out of Epsom past the fire station onto Burgh Heath Road. The climb is around a mile at a constant 4-5% with a few shops around halfway up before a slight rise in gradient on a left bend up to the top.

Longdown Lane South

A shallow gradient up from Epsom College to the downs. Olympic champ and local girl Jo Rowsell holds the QOM on Strava.


Fir Tree Lane

Another shallow gradient just under a mile long. There’s a good bike shop at the bottom (Corridori).


Chalk Lane

Racehorses are often being walked up and down the lane on the way to the gallops so keep an eye out, particularly when descending. If you get a clear run up it’s a good climb for repeats, with the gradient rising towards the top.

chalk lane

B290 & Downs Road

The other two main roads up run parallel to each other and basically the same mile long, 4% climbs.



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