Evans RideIt Woking

2013-04-07 07.48.45.jpg

Distance: 87 miles. Climbing: 4300ft. Difficulty: 4/10

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/47678277/overview

Evans’ Woking sportive was the first I ever rode back in April 2013. At the time the 87 mile route was beyond daunting and did its job of forcing me to get into more respectable shape pretty sharpish.

It’s an event that should appeal to novices and experienced riders alike with a good mixture of the best of the Surrey countryside alongside a few inclines to attack/spin up sedately. The route is really well planned and includes a number of small lanes that you may otherwise struggle to spot.

The stretch along Mytchett Place road to the north of the MOD training area offers particularly good views to the south.

There’s no headline climbs, and certainly nothing to be overly worried about over the course. The steepest part comes towards the end around mile 73 where you cross over to the north side of the Hog’s Back, but this is just a couple of hundred metres long.

Feed stations are Evans’ usual generous offering with more High5 energy products and cake than you may ever require and the route has been well signed both times (I did actually get lost in 2014 but that was totally my fault).


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