Thames Turbo Triathlon

The Thames Turbo triathlon series take place on each Bank Holiday Monday of the year (Easter, May x2 and August) and were my first taster of the world of Triathlon.

As an entry point into Tri, it’s hard to imagine a better way of doing it.

The swim is in a warm & heated outdoor pool meaning no need for expensive tri-suits and the bike and run legs are flat, straightforward affairs.

Competitors are set off on the swim at 30s intervals and the course is 12 lengths of the 36 metre pool, totalling 426m which is slightly less than other sprint tris, which most novices will be delighted to hear.

From the pool, the bikes are racked a couple of seconds jog/waddle away before you dry off quickly and jump on for the second leg. The bike route is a simple 20k out & back along the Thames to between Shepperton & Chertsey and is pan-flat with only a few speed bumps that need to be negotiated which can induce a wobble if on tri-bars.

The run takes you on a lap and a half 5km circuit around Bushy park and is again flat and relatively straightforward.

I found it a great first event and will be going back for more this year to try and improve on last years times. It’s really well run, and importantly a lot cheaper than other similar events nearby.


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