Evans RideIt Windsor


The Windsor RideIt starts from Windsor Racecourse and is within easy reach of both the M4 and Windsor & Eton Riverside train station.

Registration was swift and easy beneath the racecourse Grandstand, and we joined a massive snaking queue along the stands and final furlong to get through the start tent and on the way.

The first few miles are more urban than anything I’ve experienced at a RideIt event before, with flyovers, traffic lights, roundabouts and road furniture leading to a slow start to the day rolling towards and past Windsor Castle. The road then opened up through the historic town centre of Eton and finally with Dorney Lake to the left, home of the 2012 rowing events, the ride really got going.

Passing through some of Berkshire’s prettiest villages, including Marlow (twinned with Budapest, apparently!?) was a delight with the sun out.

I expected this to be a pretty flat parcours, but the first of fiveĀ notable climbs for the day came at Terry’s Lane just beyond Cookham. Frieth Road, Holloway Lane, Howe Hill and Balham’s Lane followed, with the last two also being the toughest too.

The route is 75 miles in length, with around 20 miles of flat riding at the start and finish bookending the hillier middle section.

Usual well stocked food stops and signposting. More horses on the route than usual which required some sensible riding at times and some of the quieter country lanes had a fair volume of traffic, but nothing to be concerned about.

Route on Strava


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  1. Tom Owen says:

    You didn’t mention the murderous automobile


    1. Was at the back avoiding all the fun.


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