Riding Bikes in Mallorca

Sixteen of us from the BBBC hit up Mallorca last weekend for a 4-day training camp/lads holiday mashup. You won’t be surprised to hear that it was bloody excellent. Here’s some pictures.

1. Our new kit looks tip top, right?
VIRB Picture
2. Weather: reasonable. 20-25C all day, every day. In March. March.
3. 3 days of back to back smashy smashy will take it’s toll.
4. People may warn you that taking a bike box is a pain in the arse. However, if you know how to use allen keys and don’t mind spending 30 mins taking apart/building your bike at either end, it’s really nothing to worry about.
5. Beer in the sun is always good.
6. The best thing about riding bikes is eating all the food when you’re done, isn’t it? Good Pizza at Portofino.
7. Turns out there’s more to Mallorca than stag-dos and silly hats. Not that you can’t find them.
8. Unlike France, the Spanish know how to pull a good shot of espresso.
9. Having some kind of mobile data roaming plan is handy, particularly when you get slightly lost.
10. Did I mention the new kit?
12. There’s plenty of places to stop for an Ice Cream. Rude not to.
13. Some people call Sa Calobra the ultimate cycling climb. They might just be right.
14. More Ice Cream. This is from Grand Cafe 1919, 3 scoops (Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno, Cookies & Cream). Tip top.
15. You may not think so now, but there is a limit to how many days you will want to eat all you can eat buffet breakfast in a row.
16. If you are allergic to goats, stay at home. They are everywhere. They can be appeased with a bit of flapjack though.
17. Cap de Formentor is another incredible road. Do it early on a weekday and you might be lucky like us and get 20km of private road with unbelievable views.
18. Most airports don’t cater for people to lie down anywhere. Fortunately Palma seem to know that everyone will leave absolutely knackered and have removed all the arm rests.
19. Despite burning 14,500 cals on the bike, I can confirm if you consume as much beer, pizza and ice cream as I did, you will end up putting on weight. 3.2kg in 4 days in my case.


We stayed at the Duvabitat Apartments in Puerto Pollensa. Dead cheap, great location, nice pools and massive secure bike storage area. Need to pay for extras like breakfast, but impossible to fault the value (£12 per night), highly recommended.

We used Mallorca Cycle Shuttle for the transfers from Palma to Puerto Pollensa. This was  €144 each way for 16 people (€9 each way pp), in a luxury coach which had room for 50ish people. Changed our booking a couple of times, no hassle at all. Also highly recommended.

We ate a lot of ice cream from the Grand Cafe 1919, all of which was excellent.

We drank beer in Mulligan’s, O’Hara’s and some other places.

We ate a lot of pizza in Portofino (2 nights in a row). V good handmade pizzas, cheap and tasty.

Those who didn’t bring their own bikes used Pro Cycle Hire, and as far as I know all had fully functional bikes for 4 days.


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