Tot Hill

Climb in a sentence. Fairly steep way up to Headley Heath from Tyrrells Wood golf course up through Headley Village, running in the opposite direction of the popular Box Hill loop made famous in the Olympics View rating. 4/10 – not too much to shout about other than the approach towards Lodge Bottom Road featuring some nice…

Headley Road

Climb in a sentence. Gentle 1.5m climb up from Leatherhead towards Headley Heath featuring a series of ramps and flats, passing the famous Headley Court military hospital on the left half way there. View rating. 6/10. Picture-postcard cricket club on the National Trust owned Headley Heath at the top which gives access to a few nice…

Reigate Hill

Climb in a sentence. The only other road climb on the same piece of ridge as Box Hill, although often busy with cars, Reigate Hill is a good and long test with the final half rising at a constant 8% to the viewpoint at the top. View rating. 8/10. One of the best in Surrey, with the…

Tumber Street

Climb in a sentence.  Innocuous little side road off the Box Hill descent is a fun one to attack and then rejoin the main Headley Road from, with one corner rising to around 10% View rating. 3/10 Difficulty rating. 2/10 Strava Link

Pebble Hill Road

Climb in a sentence. On a map it looks like a shortcut around Box Hill and heading back north to London, but the reality is one of the steepest bits of road in Surrey with the final section well over 20% in gradient, albeit not too long. View rating. 2/10 Difficulty rating. 7/10 Strava Link

Barhatch Lane

Climb in a sentence. Possibly the hardest climb in the South East and another that starts gently before building to a crescendo, with the last 500 metres consistently in double digit gradients. View rating. 3/10 Difficulty rating. 9/10 Strava Link

Combe Lane

Climb in a sentence. Always rising, with a fairly gentle start that builds into a left bend that you can see approaching for 200m which will force you out of the saddle as it briefly hits 20% View rating. 3/10 Difficulty rating. 6/10 Strava Link

Staple Lane

Climb in a sentence. Starting quietly from the dual carriageway, there’s two sections of the climb that ramp up through some rolling fields before a false finish and final kick. View rating. 3/10 Nice fields on the lower slopes into trees at the top. Difficulty rating. 3/10 Strava Link

Peaslake (Radnor Road)

Climb in a sentence. An innocuous left turn off of the main road in Peaslake leads to a straight and testing climb through the woods towards Forest Green. View rating. 2/10 Nothing on the way up or at the top apart from trees. Difficulty rating. 5/10 Nothing too steep but can take you by surprise if you…

Tanhurst Lane

Climb in a sentence. A lesser known climb that is broken into what feels like 3 steep 15% sections with a small respite between each, and effectively takes you to the top of Leith Hill. View rating. 3/10 In the trees all the way up. Difficulty rating. 6/10 Strava Link


Famous for horses, Epsom’s pretty good for bikes too. The racecourse sits on top of the Downs with great views back towards London over the Epsom Downs golf course. There’s several ways up to the top, all similar in gradient but when strung together can amount to a decent workout if in the area without…

Newland’s Corner

Climb in a sentence. Approachable from two sides, but more commonly approached from the North on Shere Road which doesn’t quite hit 10% and is a fairly gentle mile long climb that gets you to the cafe & viewpoint. View rating. 8/10 One of the best in the area, with a large car park and…