The Abinger Hatch. Climbs are good for earning  beers.

Climbs are part of cycling. To start with the idea of them sounds pretty terrifying, and the first time you go up something more than 3% steep or 100m long you probably think you’re going to die. Then you ride up something bigger, and it gets a bit easier. And then you get a bit faster, and probably a bit less fat, and before you know it you’re seeking out new climbs every time you get on a bike. Then you have to leave the country to find bigger ones, which are always better because they have more epic views and colder beer at the top.

Here I’ve got a pretty comprehensive list of the hills of South East England, particularly Surrey and those in Central London.

Surrey is where I grew up, and whilst famous for Box Hill and the Olympics, there’s plenty of other roads to ascend in the area without having to do the same one twice.

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There are three main pockets of London where you can gain some elevation, namely Highgate, Crystal Palace & Wimbledon. There’s nothing long as you would expect in the generally flat riverside city, but there’s enough to give you a decent workout in the evening at the very least, with Swain’s Lane an iconic urban climb.

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